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Reimagining Versova Koliwada; A Placemaking Initiative

Bombay61,  Urbanists Author: Sarah Ghorpade Reimagining Versova Koliwada A Placemaking Initiative, 2021 Bombay 61, alongside members of the Versova Koliwada community and Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic, have transformed public spaces in the village through an innovative place-making initiative. The project supports the community to reclaim public spaces in the heart of the village to strengthen connections of the villagers to each other and to their cultural heritage. Watch the making of the project here. Transformation of the community space around Bhandari well To say that the koliwadas of Mumbai have been transformed from their original incarnation as fishing villages would be an understatement…and Versova koliwada is no exception. Home to Koli communities for over 600 years, and more recently to migrants from across the region, Versova koliwada has evolved from a village on an island, to a village within a bustling mega city in one of the most densely populated places on the planet. An