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Versova Koliwada; An Overview of the Solid waste accumulation

Bombay61, Urbanists Authors: Alicia Bell, Bombay 61 Studio The beach along Versova Koliwada  T he beach along Versova Koliwada,   2 days after celebrating the 100 th week of beach clean-up in September 2017 The highest concentration of waste in Versova Koliwada is found on its beach and the streets which surround it, especially underneath fish drying areas. But important amounts of waste can also be found within the streets and public spaces inside the village. Waste management is therefore an issue which should be looked at within the village as well. That is why we decided to carry out some fieldwork inside the streets of Versova Koliwada to better understand where this waste is coming from. We did some fieldwork observations to map the dumps and streets containing important amounts of waste. We also interviewed local scrap dealers and inhabitants to find out more about the waste collecting system and people’s general attitude to waste. Versova Koliwada i